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Access to Exercise Library (updated weekly)

Explore a vast library of exercises to include in your program. Also, the library features past classes and is updated weekly. We can always schedule a one-on-one session together as well!

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Weekly Recipes

Weekly recipes delivered directly to your inbox. These are recipes that don't require you to be a master chef, take less than 15mins in most cases, and are healthy/macro friendly!

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Live Yoga & Active Rest on Saturdays

Our yoga and active rest class has more of a focus on better mobility and flexibility through dynamic and static stretching, all while incorporating yoga.

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Carbs are not the enemy!


Hi, I'm Logan, and I've been using my love of food to get fit for years. Join me for a virtual session and start eating your way to your fitness goals.


More About Me

Does this sound familiar?

The scale is not budging


In the beginning the scale was consistently going down. However, weight loss has slowed, stayed the same, or you've possibly put some of the weight back on.

You're barely eating

There's no freedom in your diet, you're not eating a whole lot, and have been restricting which foods you eat. You are not eating outside of your "plan". Nonetheless, the weight has stayed the same or similar.

You're feeling lethargic, tired, and hungry

It's hard to get through your workouts. You're tired of the constant cardio, restrictive eating, and work outs. It's tiring just to get through your day. You're experiencing little to no results, even despite your best efforts.

Break The Cycle

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High-intensity interval training is a great way to burn calories and increase your cardiovascular capacity. This is a style of training that will have you burning more calories throughout the day, not just during the workout itself.

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Strength training is a great way to build more muscle. This class we focus on proper form and exercise execution while using dumbbells and doing compound movements.

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Active Rest & Yoga

You are only as strong as what you can recover from. This class we focus on increasing our flexibility, mobility, and range of motion by utilizing dynamic stretching and yoga.

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What can you expect from a Feast4Fitness membership?

Feast4Fitness is all about getting fit while staying healthy, and eating more than ever. No matter which class you take, you can count on three things:

Form & Technique

Proper lifting technique is imperative for preventing injuries and ensuring your targeting the correct muscle groups.

Diverse Classes

No one class is exactly the same. I change up the exercises, movements, and pace from week to week. Variety keeps your workouts fun and entertaining.

Tailored to You

Every class can be personalized based on your fitness needs and restrictions. Each class I give regressed and progressed versions for each exercise.



Our most popular plan

  • Strength Training
  • Weekly Coaching Calls
  • HIIT Training
  • Macro Coaching
  • Yoga & Active Rest
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Unlimited access to every class on Feast4Fitness!
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Kyle S.

"He constantly seeks information and listens to me to understand what I seek in training and adjusts his style to help me progress. He's careful, observant, and motivating."

Evan S.

"By following the program I couldn’t believe the results I started to see. The workouts were fun and I never felt hungry or like I was dieting. I followed Logan’s advice and the weight melted away as I started to see real muscle development. The experience has been life changing!"

April C.

"Logan is the definition of a trifecta personal trainer - he is great at physical training, knowledgeable on nutrition, and will help you get in a good mental state. I lost 60 pounds while working with Logan. Most importantly, Logan really listened to me as a client."

Enjoy food and get fit, even if the gym isn't your thing 


You don't have to be a fitness  enthusiast to join us and get healthy. Feast4Fitness is all about getting fit in a sustainable way, while eating healthy delicious foods, repairing your metabolism allowing you to achieve your goals! You don't have to constantly restrict, and starve your way down to your weight goal. We take a very methodical approach to repairing your metabolism, and optimizing it so you can eat more and lose more.

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